Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for HAIR

Abbreviations explained as such:

  • (L) = Long
  • (S) = Short
  • (M) = Male
  • (F) = Female
  • (P) = Permanent
  • (SP) = Semi-Permanent

Prices will vary depending on the stylist chosen i.e. Top stylists prices are different to regular stylists.

Chemical treatments do NOT include: Shampoo, Cut, Finishing etc. Chemical treatments will need to be followed up with shampooing, which isn't included in the 'Colouring', but will be a requirement and will be an additional charge.

Prices subject to change.


Boutique Terms and Conditions

Face massage will ONLY be included with 'Home-Care Facial'. This service will not be able to be bought separately.


Photography Terms and Conditions

All rates are of starting price and overall price will vary within consultation. Photographers 'out-door' hourly rates EXCLUDE; food, travel and any other extra's. Rates will vary depending on location.

Basic Photography Package Will Include:

Images supplied in high resolution
1 photographer + photographers assistant

Basic edits include:

Basic colour correction
Fixtures of 'minor' blemishes

Editing styles should be discussed within consultation. Editing rates will vary depending on the level of skill required during post production.


Packages Terms and Conditions

Standard Wedding Package:

  • Regular working hours for stylist are 10am - 6pm.
  • Stylist's services should be chosen between 10am and 6pm. *NOTE - Stylist will not be providing services throughout 10am to 6pm (unless agreed to within consultation).
  • This package does not include 'Touch-ups'. Touch-up's will incur an additional charge.
  • Additional charge will incur if the stylist's services are needed before 10am.
  • Additional charge will incur if the stylist's services are needed after 6pm.
  • Rates will correlate with the change of working times.

Functions and Festivals Photoshoot:

  • £200 is the base rate and NOT the final price.
  • 4 hours are the required minimum amount of hours to be purchased for the photographers services.
  • Prices subject to change to accommodate event size (I.e. headcount).
  • Please contact us to book a consultation session to acquire further understanding.

Family Photoshoot:

  • Standard Family Photoshoot' Package accommodates for 4-8 people. If there are anymore subjects, please discuss within consultation as additional charges will incur.
  • A minimal of 4 hours are to be purchased, but can be negotiated during consultation.
  • 3 crew members will be on duty, including; Photographer, photographer assistant and hair/make-up stylist.
  • Prices subject to change.

Oversea's Pre-Wedding Photoshoot:

  • Standard 'Oversea's Pre-Wedding Photoshoot' comes with 4 crew members, which include; 1 Project director, 1 photographer, 1 hair stylist and 1 make-up artist.
  • Oversea's package rate does NOT include the clients; Travel cost, accommodation and any other expenses.
  • Package rates are for services stated and are priced based on base rate.
  • Other destinations which have not been stated, can only be agreed to during consultation. Prices will fluctuate depending on destinations other than the one's in the list.

About us

Meet The MAK Crew

History of MAK Studio

Established in 1999, located in the heart of Birmingham, MAK offers you a range of luxurious beauty treatments - hair, makeup, manicure & pedicure to a more creative approach with capturing the perfect moment with our in house photography team.

We are pleased to introduce you our friendly and enthusiastic team who have your greatest interests at heart.

Patrick Kwan

Co-Founder / Artistic Director

As the Artistic Director at MAK, Patrick has many experiences in the industry, working with many salons across Hong Kong; such as, Private i and Orient4.

Working for some of the Top 10 salons in Hong Kong, Patrick developed skills needed to allow him to venture out into the world with knowledge in Colour Chemicals. For the first 7 to 8 years of his career he worked for manufacturers as a Colour technician, which he then later left to pursue the rest of his career in hairdressing and styling - where he initially started working as a hair stylist for models and Hong Kong celebrities.

Eva Mak

Co-Founder / Top Stylist

Being a 2nd Generation hairdresser, Eva grew up in the industry since a young age. As she grew up, naturally she became a hairdresser working within the family business.

In hope to develop and advance her knowledge and skills within the industry, she started to pursue her career in a different path to her family. After years of working outside the family, she developed the skills and knowledge which became recognised by others - her works were featured in Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Specialising in Hairstyling, Eva has experienced work with Hong Kong celebrities where she was given the chance to display the skills and knowledge she previously learnt on her journey.

Jenkin Lee

Graphic Designer & Communications

Jay has the knowledge behind designing and presenting the promotional material and photography, along with other experiences such as; organising and hosting events.

Chawan Hama

Assistant Stylist

Having already worked in the industry, Chawan is getting trained by MAK, guiding her on getting her skills on hairdressing and image styling for media and commercial use.

Yen Cen


Yen holds 17 years of experience in the barbering trade learning the industry. She has perfected her skills in; natural male cuts to children's barbering.